still no wifi and I hate posting from my phone, I don’t know how you guys deal with me, lol. still in the moving process but I have left you guys hanging long enough!

so I have no idea how the photos are going to line up so enjoy anyway!

I finally got my hands on the Peanut Butter and Honey palette from Too Faced and I am in love. I wasn’t a big fan of the PB&J palette, simply because I wasn’t big on the colours. purple is not my colour.

I love the PBH though, because if you haven’t already noticed I love the orange/red shades because it makes my eyes look more noticeable. This is my second favourite mini palette from TF along with the Sugar Pop palette. Which I don’t think I’ve even swatched for you guys yet! 

I also REALLY like the yellow shade, which was surprising because I thought it would look horrible, but it actually goes really well with the other shades.

I will say the three light shades are hard to see on me, in terms of swatching, but they make really nice transition colours. also I will probably update this post tomorrow with swatches on a darker skin tone so you can really get a feel for the shades! so come back tomorrow and check that out!

anyway, ciao for now xox

Lorac Pro 3, swatches + a giveaway!?


The Rise of the Broken sweatshirt available for purchase: TROTB Merch

Hello my loves, it has only been yet another week, and I feel like it’s been forever. Contemplating posting twice a week soon, so we will see how that works out. I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and I hope you got a chance to spend time with your loved ones, and remember any that you may be without.


So this morning I realized that I have hit over 800 followers! I think that’s so amazing. If you guys remember, after the last giveaway, I mentioned how we would have another at 1,000 or 1,500. Well I decided 1,000 would be a great idea. So make sure to tell your friends about the blog, share my posts on Twitter, etc. The faster we get to 1,000 the faster you can enter for another giveaway! Again this giveaway will be international, so please please, share.

Also don’t forget to send any questions, whether beauty related or what have you to babblingbeauty@yahoo.com and I will put together a Q&A soon!

Also because I had some questions about a new sweatshirt. TROTB is an alt/rock solo lorac3project that I have been really into lately. Music is also available on iTunes, if you would like to check it out. I love sharing my music tastes with you guys and learning new music from you as well. Share some of your favourite bands/songs with me in the comments or through social media. Link to sweatshirt is underneath photo.

Now to what you really came for, swatching and new palettes! If you follow me on Instagram you probably have been anticipating these.

eyesFirst off let me tell you how amazing this palette is. It is so pigmented, and SO smooth. Honestly, this palette is competing with my Modern Renaissance palette with how smooth and buttery these shadows are. I will say, I do have one problem with this palette and that’s with the shade ‘Medallion’. Don’t get me wrong its a lovely colour, but it is a glitter infused type of colour and the fall out is horrible. So I recommend being cautious with that particular colour, especially if you apply your foundation before you apply your shadow.

Also, I wanted to go ahead and answer a question someone sent to me; which was when should you apply your foundation. It’s ultimately up to you. There are so many ways to do make up and there is no right or wrong way. Me, personally I have a habit of applying my foundation first, however, if you are working with darker shadows, I recommend applying it after so you can avoid the fall out mess. ssss

You may notice the double swatching. I enlisted my husbands help for this post. I just feel it would be more beneficial if I could show you guys swatches on two different skin tones. I always loved seeing this on Colourpops website, because you can get a better sense of the shades. Obviously I am the pasty ghost on top and my husbands is below. As you  awatchcan see, the colours show up very nice on both tones. It really shows just how pigmented this palette is, which is such a great quality.

I honestly think this is such a nice Fall palette. Very neutrally and nudeish. You can create some natural looks as well as a nice smokey eye. This goes right there with Modern Renaissance. I have SO many palettes but this and Modern Renaissance are my two must-haves. If you are going to spend money on anything, make it worth it and get one of these.

What are some of your favourite products you guys like to use during Fall?

Don’t forget to direct your friends to the blog, so we can get ready for the giveaway!

Talk to you all soon xx





Aloha my itty bitty gum drops! It’s been a hot minute since I did a MOTD so I thought today would be the perfect day to do it. Not only do I get a chance to do a MOTD but I get to share the new Urban Decay All Nighter foundation with you guys!

Now most of you may know, from previous posts, that my go to foundation is Born this Way. That has changed.

All Nighter is by far my favourite foundation. Especially during this horrid summer we are having in Virginia.

Not only is this the most smooth and full coverage foundation I have used, it is also waterproof. Yup. You read that right. This shit is not coming off. I didn’t even use my setting spray and this stuff STAYED. A con to Born this Way is that in hot weather like this, it tended to look cakey, so it was more of a winter/fall foundation for me.

However, All Nighter may just be a great year round foundation. It also blends and fullfacebuffs REALLY well. It is honestly such a flawless looking foundation. To prove that, I will let you know that my photos for this post are unfiltered and unedited. So keep that in mind if you are on the hunt for a new foundation. It is worth every penny of the $40 it costs.

For the rest of the MOTD, details are as follows:

Brows: ABH dipbrow in soft brown. (also, in the process of growing my brows out, so ignore the bushiness)

Eyes: UD Smoky palette. Ardell cluster wispies. Maybelline Master Precise liner.

Highlight/Contour: ABH Moonchild Glowkit (STAR)/Lorac Pro Palette.

Blush: Too Faced’s I Will Always Love You

Lips: Trap by Colourpop.

What are you guys’ favourite summer products? If there was something I left out about a product feel free to ask below!





ABH Moonchild + Swatches

mcfaceHello my beauties, hope everyone is having a decent Monday. Or at least a better one than mine!

Currently waiting to have my AC fixed. Not the best time for it to freak on me in this heat wave, also the storm last night fried the television and Xbox, but c’est la vie.

As you know, my birthday was last week, so I thought I would share one of my favourite things I received. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild highlighter!

I never felt the hype for the other ABH highlighters, but when I saw this one, I knew I had to have it. I also loved that there was not a release date; they just released it to prevent crazy traffic.

mcswatchI really like the variety of highlighters in this palette.

Blue Ice and Lucky Clover, can be used for more everyday looks; Pink Heart as well. While Star, Purple Horseshoe, and Blue Moon can be used for more glam and fun looks. Also, as per usual for an ABH product, they are SUPER pigmented and buttery.

From right to left: Blue Moon, Lucky Clover, Pink Heart, Purple Horseshoe, Star, and Blue Ice.

If you purchase any ABH highlighter, I suggest this one. In my opinion, it is worth the $40 spent on it. Especially because of the pigmentation, so it will last.

Have you tried this highlighter yet? What do you think?


PS; in the next few weeks I will be doing a Q&A post, so send any and all questions to babblingbeauty@yahoo.com or you can send them to me through Twitter (@shawnadawnx).




ABH Modern Renaissance + Swatching

mrclosedmropenAloha my babies!

Thank you for your well wishes, I am doing much better today, and as promised, I am posting!

A little added bonus, swatches.

If you’re anything like me, you get excited about swatches too, lol.


Today I thought I would whip out my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. I’ve had it for about a month or two now and have yet to post about it.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, it is one of the few palette’s ABH has released. Aside from the palette itself, the packaging is so nice. The outside of the palette has a mrfullsoft velvety touch, which is different for a palette, but fun at the same time.

It is also THE most pigmented palette I now own. It is so buttery and vivid, it’s crazy. When you use it, be careful because a little goes a long way. Honestly, you barely have to put your brush into the shadow.


Now if you have been looking for a new palette, but you couldn’t decide between something fun and something for day-to-day, then seriously, get this palette. You can do so many fun and vivid looks, but it is versatile enough to create beautiful day-to-day looks.

I have never had a palette that is so versatile. Before I bought it, I had heard people rave about it, but I was just like its ABH, of course they’re raving. Let me tell you though, this palette lives up to the hype.

Have any of you gotten your hands on MR yet? How do you feel? What are some of your favourite ABH products?


Palettes that pop.

Hello lovelies!

So I wanted to tell you about this palette that I  have had for too long, maybe three years. It has been one of my favourite drug store palettes for fun shadow looks. I went on the search for a brand image1 (4)new one because I figured the pigments were a bit dull these days. This is really an amazing little palette, especially if you want to do fun looks with bright pops of colour. It’s by L.A. Color and the specific palette is called Tease.

The colours are so bright and vivid and that’s what I love about it. You don’t even image2 (1)need a primer for these colours to look so vibrant – though primer really does help the shades stand out more than they already do. I definitely suggest this palette if you really want to try something new and more bold and fun. The swatch is without a primer, so you could definitely do some more exciting looks with primer. The only thing I dislike about this palette is the green shade. I can never really figure out what to do with it, mainly because I don’t really do greens, but overall the palette is great. If ou can pull off the green, then kudos to you. The palette is very inexpensive and very easy to find in drugstores. Check it out and let me know what you think.

What cheap treasures have you guys come across in the drugstores?