I am so glad you all put up with my and my current inconsistencies. I have been preparing for a move and been busy with classes and some other things.

No worries, I am still here lol. 

I actually have some swatches coming up soon, already have photos taken and everything!

How has everyone’s spring break gone?



So I have removed my husband from update notifs for the blog so I can ask for your help!

For Valentines, I am asking people from ALL AROUND THE WORLD to help write these notes so I can share them all with him for Valentines!

Something along the lines of “Kenyatta, Shawna’s love for you is so big it has reached _(where you love)_”

If you can do this for me please message me on twitter or instagram at @shawnadawnx

Here are some I have so far:

giveaway time!


Here it is you guys! The giveaway is on its way!
The entry is really easy this time, the only thing you need to do is follow this blog, like this post and then enter here: Giveaway Entry Form

Also if you are interested in buying any products use babblingbeauty5 in the coupon code area for a discount!

Have fun and good luck!

Smile Brilliant Whitnening!


Hello my little gumdrops :pkfru7986

Today I wanted to tell you guys about something I have been using for the last few weeks. You may have seen me talk about it on social media here and there.

I have been using Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening kit. (I also linked it up for you guys, so you can feel free to check it out yourself!) Now being into beauty and make up, as I am, I am also really big on keeping my teeth white.

yhfb4473Let me just go ahead and say I have tried a lot of  things: whitening strips, oil pulling, etc. Nothing has worked so fast and so easily than the whitening gel from Smile Brilliant.

So basically, you can order a full kit, which comes with molds to make a custom fitted tray for your teeth, whitening gel, and desensitizing gel.

You mix a tub of white paste and blue paste (quickly) and place it onto the mold tray and bite down so that it gets a perfect form of your teeth. They send three of each, incase you do accidently mess up one. Let me just say the molding process was super messy, there was drool everywhere! But surely you guys can do it better than I did, lol. I also managed to get lipstick all over the molding, which I sent a note apologizing for!

After that, you fill out the little card that comes with it, put it in its packaging and mail it off to get your trays made! Once the trays come in (with a cute little case for it!) you can start using your whitening gel! You just put a small line of whitening gel into your tray, slide it on and let it sit from 30 minutes to 3 hours. img_2025

Helpful tip: build your way up to a img_2026higher time, just incase you feel sensitivity. Then you put some desensitizing gel into the tray for 15-20 minutes, and ta-da.

I am not a coffee person, but I know a lot of you guys are, so this could be something you might be interested in. Or just for you guys who just like keeping a white smile, like me, lol.

My favourite thing about this way of whitening is that its super convenient and because the trays stay on. If you have ever tried whitening strips, then you know how annoying


blogging #whileiwhiten

they can be and can slide around and slip off. Or teeth whitening where you have to go to the dentist and fork out hundreds of dollars for trays and whitening.

I seriously spend my time whitening when I blog, do coursework or cleaning. I just feel like I am getting so much done that way.

I totally recommend giving it a try, especially if everything else didn’t work out for you like it didn’t for me.

Also before trying, I thought I would drop you a little article. It basically just kind of goes over a couple of things to consider (like how much gel, if you should get desensitizing gel, etc) before buying teeth whitening products: 7 things to know before buying

Also to be helpful, I am going to link you to the video I watched when I was making my molds! Kelli Tanner:How I Whiten

Also, keep an eye out for my next post because it will contain the rules to enter in a giveaway for your very own Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit, courtesy of Smile Brilliant and I!

I am currently out of state for the holidays but the giveaway rules WILL be post by Friday at the latest, so keep your eyes open!!!

Professional Teeth Whitening

Q&A w/ Vivi

Hello you gorgeous people!

So me and Vivianna from Yours Truly Vivi have been getting to know each other and thought it would be fun to ask each other some questions for our respective blogs so YOU can get to know US.img_1869

So, I am going to answer her questions so you can know more about me and then you can head over to her page and get to know her! Here we go:

Who is your ultimate girl crush?
This is actually a really hard question, I am going to go with Maia Mitchell. She is super adorable and I love her accent, lol.
Who is your style icon?
To be honest, I just kind of wear whatever so I don’t pay too much attention to style, but I really love some of the things Zoella has.
What makes you smile?
My family. Especially my four year old, he says the most off the wall things you guys!
When did you last smile?
img_1870What’s your favorite band?
McFLY. I have loved them for so long and no one will ever top them for me, if you haven’t heard of them I need you to go check out their stuff!
What’s your biggest pet peeve? 
Judgment. I hate how most people are so quick to judge any and everyone.
Where would you like to travel?
My ultimate goal is to go to Ireland!
When would you want to visit it?
Hopefully within the next year.
What’s your favorite underrated song?
“She Keeps Me Warm” by Mary Lambert
What is your favorite quote?
“Never borrow trouble, the world gives enough of it away free” it is actually from a YA book called Legacies by Mercedes Lackey, such a good series!img_1868
Who is your fave blogger atm? 
Probably Zoella or Sprinkle of Glitter, they are my two favs.
Feel free to answer some of these questions in the comments so I can get to know you guys, too!
Giveaway update: Check out Smile Brilliant to get some insight on what the prize is going to be!


the world sucks.

hello! it’s me, your friendly neighborhood bullshit detector. here to call bullshit.
let me tell you why.
these past few days, no not even that, these past few years (my whole life if we are being honest), the internet has pissed me off. the world we live in is stupid. in denial, and sheltered. too many people in the world spend their time in the bubble of denial and oblivion. you can’t see what is in front of us.
I have seen so many, TOO MANY, people talking about how they do not condone violence against law enforcement. let me be clear, I do not condone violence either. HOWEVER, some of these same people go on to say, that if people would RESPECT the law, and DO as they are told, then things will run smoothly. they also go on to talk about how white privilege is not real.
but pause.
i am here to say white privilege is real.
let’s not stay sheltered. let’s stop being in denial.
if i were to be reading a book in my car, wearing a hoodie at night, or asking for help BY MY BROKEN DOWN CAR, would I still be alive? sadly, most likely.
stop living in your world of lollipops with your head up a unicorns ass and understand that your FELLOW HUMANS are dying because they don’t have this “white privilege”. they are dying because of MELANIN. they are dying because law enforcement is AFRAID of the black man.
if so many law enforcement are scared to do their job, they need to be working minimum wage at mcdonalds and not getting PAID LEAVE after they KILL someone.
if this doesn’t bother you, no, if this doesn’t SCARE you, then you need to figure out why you are so desensitized to the death of the people around you. if your heart doesn’t ache, or your stomach doesn’t drop when you hear these things, figure out why.
maybe it’s that white privilege you don’t think you have.
regardless, people are dying for no apparent reason, other than the colour of their skin. people are dying. these people are someone’s father. someone’s mother, daughter, son, etc. and the only way to do something about it is to stand with them. to stand up FOR them. at the end of the day, we bleed. we all bleed. even if you don’t know what to do, just stand up. speak up.
be aware and make others aware. don’t ignore what is going on in the world because your ignorance and denial is not helping anyone.
by telling someone not to be angry of these events, you are saying that the value of their lives are as important. by telling someone all lives matter after they talk about black lives matter you are telling them that their lives aren’t important. yes all lives do matter, but not ALL lives are being impacted by the events going on in the world.
maybe because of my white privilege my opinion doesn’t matter to anyone.
but black lives do matter and I would rather speak up than be silent.