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First off, I am a flake, I am sorry. Classes and mommy life have been hectic and we have been back and forth out of town!

So today I wanted to share my EcoTools Voxbox with you guys. If you haven’t heard of EcoTools, they have some really amazing make up brushes as well as tons of other products.fc87a847-6309-4ab0-b370-da86edc5a0c2

For starters, EcoTools is a cruelty free brand and uses recycled materials to make them. On top of that their packaging is 100% tree free. They use no trees in their packaging. So great products with a guilt free conscience. Sounds like a winner, right?

cc44eb60-2dd7-4102-a8bc-e0670746d136Disclaimer: This Voxbox was sent to me by Influenster and Ecotools. It is not sponsored nor do I receive any payment, and all views are my own 🙂

So about a year back, I bought a few EcoTools brushes and I always loved them so I was excited to be getting some more! These are some of the softest brushes I have ever had and I love how they feel on my skin. The shadow blending brush and the powder brush are my all time favourites.

I also received the “Perfect Blending Duo”. Until I received these I honestly didn’t even know they sold sponges. These are great for blending. However, I love them because of their wedges and I think they’re perfect for contour and baking. You get such precise and sharp lines.


Another product in this voxbox was cleansing cloths! This is the first time I  have seen cleansing cloths for your brushes. To be completely honest, I am not completely sold on them. They make for a good brush cleaning while traveling but I just do not think it thoroughly cleanses, if you know what I mean. Still a great product to have regardless.

Overall, I really love the products that were sent to me. Some I will definitely use more than others, but that’s how it always goes, amirite?

Honestly, if you want some good quality brushes and you’re all about the environment, these are worth checking out and you won’t regret it.

Has anyone tried EcoTools? Any favourites?


sorry you guys

I have been absolutely been so slack. I’ve had no motivation, I feel like some of you can relate. Happens every now and then, but I will have something up for you guys by the weekend, so you can fuss at me until then :p



Thankfully support was able to undo what I did, so everything should be restored soon.

Sorry I am a ditz.

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I am SO sorry. I am a moron. I am going to try to fix some of them, if I can. feels.jpg

Lorac Pro 3, swatches + a giveaway!?


The Rise of the Broken sweatshirt available for purchase: TROTB Merch

Hello my loves, it has only been yet another week, and I feel like it’s been forever. Contemplating posting twice a week soon, so we will see how that works out. I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and I hope you got a chance to spend time with your loved ones, and remember any that you may be without.


So this morning I realized that I have hit over 800 followers! I think that’s so amazing. If you guys remember, after the last giveaway, I mentioned how we would have another at 1,000 or 1,500. Well I decided 1,000 would be a great idea. So make sure to tell your friends about the blog, share my posts on Twitter, etc. The faster we get to 1,000 the faster you can enter for another giveaway! Again this giveaway will be international, so please please, share.

Also don’t forget to send any questions, whether beauty related or what have you to and I will put together a Q&A soon!

Also because I had some questions about a new sweatshirt. TROTB is an alt/rock solo lorac3project that I have been really into lately. Music is also available on iTunes, if you would like to check it out. I love sharing my music tastes with you guys and learning new music from you as well. Share some of your favourite bands/songs with me in the comments or through social media. Link to sweatshirt is underneath photo.

Now to what you really came for, swatching and new palettes! If you follow me on Instagram you probably have been anticipating these.

eyesFirst off let me tell you how amazing this palette is. It is so pigmented, and SO smooth. Honestly, this palette is competing with my Modern Renaissance palette with how smooth and buttery these shadows are. I will say, I do have one problem with this palette and that’s with the shade ‘Medallion’. Don’t get me wrong its a lovely colour, but it is a glitter infused type of colour and the fall out is horrible. So I recommend being cautious with that particular colour, especially if you apply your foundation before you apply your shadow.

Also, I wanted to go ahead and answer a question someone sent to me; which was when should you apply your foundation. It’s ultimately up to you. There are so many ways to do make up and there is no right or wrong way. Me, personally I have a habit of applying my foundation first, however, if you are working with darker shadows, I recommend applying it after so you can avoid the fall out mess. ssss

You may notice the double swatching. I enlisted my husbands help for this post. I just feel it would be more beneficial if I could show you guys swatches on two different skin tones. I always loved seeing this on Colourpops website, because you can get a better sense of the shades. Obviously I am the pasty ghost on top and my husbands is below. As you  awatchcan see, the colours show up very nice on both tones. It really shows just how pigmented this palette is, which is such a great quality.

I honestly think this is such a nice Fall palette. Very neutrally and nudeish. You can create some natural looks as well as a nice smokey eye. This goes right there with Modern Renaissance. I have SO many palettes but this and Modern Renaissance are my two must-haves. If you are going to spend money on anything, make it worth it and get one of these.

What are some of your favourite products you guys like to use during Fall?

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Talk to you all soon xx



Survivor Eyes

sebrHello all, it feels like its been ages since I’ve blogged! Even though I just posted my weekly blog last week. I hope you are all doing well. The weather is finally cooling down here in Virginia, and I couldn’t be more excited for hoodies and boots!

I recently had the opportunity to try a great product called SurvivorEyes (website here). SurvivorEyes was introduced at the most recent Cosmoprof Beauty Show in Las Vegas where it created lots of excitement.


This product is to encourage and empower its sepackusers. Alopecia and cancer causes hair loss in many people and those people worry about how that will make them look and that insecurity can create self esteem issues. I think that sometimes everyone just wants to feel good about themselves. SurvivorEyes is a product that can do just that. The product was actually created by a cancer survivor, Lisa, which adds to the sincerity of this product. As a cancer survivor, I think it is wonderful what she has done. Giving empowerment to someone is one of the best things we can give a person no matter the situation.

The kits come with two shades and a setting wax, brushes, and stencils. There are three shades to ensure that you pick a kit to match the tone you want. There are various stencils to match the shape to your face. For those who like to use their own products you can just purchase the stencils and brush. The brush, by the way is wonderful. It is super soft and blend product really well and the stencils each have a positive word scrawled across it. sewor

SurvivorEyes really is such a great product. What makes it even better is that a percentage of the profit goes toward causes important to the customers. Not only is this a great product for someone who needs a little encouragement, but it gives back to others.

The products will soon be available to patients at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL. As well as the “Marketplace” sponsored by the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.


Used ABH dipbrow with the SurvivorEyes brush and stencils.

There is also a “Brows for Bros” in the works for men. So keep an eye out for that and spread the word.


If you have any questions about the product that I did not mention, feel free to drop your questions below.

Note: If you are in the Vegas area, this Sunday SurvivorEyes will be taken to the INPEX Entrepreneur/ Inventor competition!

I will talk to you all soon, and I hope you all check out this product and its purpose. Also a special thank you to Lisa for letting me try this product and sharing it with me. It takes a wonderful person to do wonderful things.