the world sucks.

hello! it’s me, your friendly neighborhood bullshit detector. here to call bullshit.
let me tell you why.
these past few days, no not even that, these past few years (my whole life if we are being honest), the internet has pissed me off. the world we live in is stupid. in denial, and sheltered. too many people in the world spend their time in the bubble of denial and oblivion. you can’t see what is in front of us.
I have seen so many, TOO MANY, people talking about how they do not condone violence against law enforcement. let me be clear, I do not condone violence either. HOWEVER, some of these same people go on to say, that if people would RESPECT the law, and DO as they are told, then things will run smoothly. they also go on to talk about how white privilege is not real.
but pause.
i am here to say white privilege is real.
let’s not stay sheltered. let’s stop being in denial.
if i were to be reading a book in my car, wearing a hoodie at night, or asking for help BY MY BROKEN DOWN CAR, would I still be alive? sadly, most likely.
stop living in your world of lollipops with your head up a unicorns ass and understand that your FELLOW HUMANS are dying because they don’t have this “white privilege”. they are dying because of MELANIN. they are dying because law enforcement is AFRAID of the black man.
if so many law enforcement are scared to do their job, they need to be working minimum wage at mcdonalds and not getting PAID LEAVE after they KILL someone.
if this doesn’t bother you, no, if this doesn’t SCARE you, then you need to figure out why you are so desensitized to the death of the people around you. if your heart doesn’t ache, or your stomach doesn’t drop when you hear these things, figure out why.
maybe it’s that white privilege you don’t think you have.
regardless, people are dying for no apparent reason, other than the colour of their skin. people are dying. these people are someone’s father. someone’s mother, daughter, son, etc. and the only way to do something about it is to stand with them. to stand up FOR them. at the end of the day, we bleed. we all bleed. even if you don’t know what to do, just stand up. speak up.
be aware and make others aware. don’t ignore what is going on in the world because your ignorance and denial is not helping anyone.
by telling someone not to be angry of these events, you are saying that the value of their lives are as important. by telling someone all lives matter after they talk about black lives matter you are telling them that their lives aren’t important. yes all lives do matter, but not ALL lives are being impacted by the events going on in the world.
maybe because of my white privilege my opinion doesn’t matter to anyone.
but black lives do matter and I would rather speak up than be silent.

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