moisturizing routine ft formula 10.0.06


Fresh face! No lashes, no contour, and day old hair! 😛

Ciao my loves!


So, please excuse the page. If you are trying to sort through the categories, I haven’t completely finished adding all the old posts to their respective places. Now that I have added the extra categories, however, I have been neglecting the skincare area, so I thought I would make this post to bring it to date!

Now I know a lot of people do fail to neglect the moisturizing process. Moisturizing and exfoliation are super important aspects when it comes down to make up application. It really is something that should be a part of your make up routine because it makes a HUGE difference in appearance.

Right now, I am currently using the Formula 10.0.06 line. This line is great and has so many wonderful products from moisturizers, masks to make up remover and scrubs. To be honest, I first started trying the products because I thought the packaging and labeling was so simple and cute. Honest to God, I literally picked up my first product because it was “cute”. Story of my life. There are various moisturizers, but the ones I love are the PM Perfector (which I moisturepsuse before bed) and the Picture Perfect Day (which I use before make up application).I love PPD because the texture is like a moisturizer and primer all in one, so most of the times I skip primer because of it. There is also an oil absorbing/mattifying moisturizer that is wonderful too. The PM Perfector is great for oily skin as well. It is one of the best overnight moisturizers I have used. Typically with overnight moisturizers, I would wake up feeling super oily from it. However, PMP leaves me moisturized without all the oiliness and morning breakouts.

Along with these moisturizers, I use a couple of the masks from the line. My favourite is the Three Times Sublime. It is a mask, that in my opinion, does everything. It unclogs maskspspores, exfoliates, and helps with problem skin. If you are like me and get blemishes out of no where, this is the mask for you because it’s kind of like an all-in-one. My skin has been super clean and blemish free since using it. The other masks are great as well, but I typically use either Get Your Glow On or Pores Be Pure once a week. Just to clear up any build up or tough to unclog pores. The all-in-one is something I use more often as a facial wash/exfoliator.

So don’t forget proper skin care, it is just as important!  Has anyone tried Formula 10.0.06 products? What are your favourites? Also, what are your favourite skin care lines?








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