Perfectly Posh Party!

Youuuuu guys, I’ve missed youuu so much! Sorry for the delay. I’ve been trying to post weekly, but there have been some things going on that have post-poned this week a bit.

IMG_6733.PNGAnyhoo, recently I had a friend of mine contact me telling me about Perfectly Posh which is a brand she sells. They have tons of things. From lotions and bath bombs to face masks and shampoos. She was sweet enough to send me some things so I could test them out. So naturally I wanted to tell you guys about it! First off, I want to go ahead and mention that they use naturals ingredients, so no harsh chemicals or anything like that. Also, they do not test on animals, which is a such deal breaker for a lot of people.

If you want to check out all the many other products feel free to do so by clicking here:

Perfectly Posh <<<

Another great thing is that everything is under $25. The only ship throughout the US at the moment, so sorry to all my other lovely followers </3

To prevent a lengthy post about all the products I have tried, I am going to tell you about and show you some of my favourites! So even though these are my favourites, nightanddaythere are many more to choose from, there is something for everyone, even guys!

To begin, the Night and Day moisturizer has quickly become one of my most used products. I love the consistency of it and love how my skin is the next day ( I usually use at night). In my opinion it is great for people with oily skin because it moisturizes without adding to your natural oils. It also goes well with the BFF facial exfoliator.easypeasy.jpg



Another product that is really great, is the Easy Peasy chunk. Which I noticed is very similar to Lush’s Sandstone. So if you liked that, you’lll love this.

There is also a set called “Posh to Meet You” which I purchased and it includes a chunk, lotion, and lip balm, and it is amazing and definitely worth the money. I am a sucker for anything that smells good. My Bath and Body Works collection can attest to this.

All these products are wonderful. So wonderful that I decided that we would hold an online Posh party via Facebook with my consultant Carrie. She will tell us all about any new products and there is also chances to win free items! Also signing up with the rewards you get instant points, then additional points for your purchases, which you can then use towards your purchases!

IMG_6541So feel free to come bye and check out the online party here . Also feel free to reblog this post so you can help other people find there way here for a chance to win some products, as well as maybe buy a thing or two! Remember this only applies to US residents as Perfectly Post does not ship outside of the US at the moment.

I decided to make it easier for you guys in various time zones so the online party will last from now until the 30th. I hope you see you guys there! Also feel free to add me on Facebook :*

PP Party << this will take to straight to the Facebook party, see you guys there!

If you’re interested in some products or want to be a consultant yourself you can contact Carrie below:




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