Bite Beauty goodies

Bonjour mes amours!IMG_6071

Sorry I have been a little awol, I have been super busy and unproductive at the same time, but I am back!

Today I wanted to talk about some amazing lipsticks that I was chosen to try out from Bite and Influenster. If you haven’t already heard of Bite products, then I definitely suggest checking them out because they are wonderful products. You can find them in-stores and online at Sephora.

IMG_6185If you have been on my Instagram or Twitter recently, then you have already seen me talking about these lipsticks and even saw a swatch for Pepper. Along with Pepper, I also received Beetroot and Gazpacho from the Amuse Bouche line.

While Pepper is my favourite (because I love my browns) the other two are just as amazing. The IMG_6186.JPGcolours are all very bright and vibrant and last. That’s a big IMG_6078deal breaker for me when it comes to lip colours. I want to be able to put it on and have it last. The first time I tried one of these, I set it with translucent powder, and went out to dinner and drinks, and it was still there at the end of the night.

Also I just want to mention that these lipsticks smell wonderful. I don’t think I have had many lipsticks smell so good. These shades are definitely something to keep an eye out for.

What are your favourite Bite products/shades?



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