TF:Beauty Blogger Darlings

Hello beautiful people! It’s almost Friday so hang in there. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, browsing around Too Faced’s website a few days ago I saw the Beauty Blogger Darlings and thought “might as well”.

First off, if you haven’t tried any of these products, this is the perfect thing to get started. They are sample sizes but they still last a while and you can decide if you like them before you buy the full sized product. This is only $20, which is a great deal.



The bronzer is too dark for me, so I have been using it for a slight contour, which is pretty nice. Also, the bronzer smells amazing. Like honestly, it’s the best smelling bronzer ever.

I haven’t actually used the shadow primer yet, because I haven’t been doing a full face this week because I’ve been waking up last minute and rushing to work. However, the face primer is one of the best ones I have used. So that is something I will be purchasing in full size.

Also, another thing I will be purchasing in full size is the Better than Sex mascara. I actually had a tube at one point in time, but it seems to have run off. Probably to the place my bobby pins and socks go. Hands down the best mascara I have used, ever.

Definitely check out this little bundle before you buy a full sized product you don’t know if you’ll like it.

What is your favourite Too Faced product? What’s your least favourite?









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