MOTD and where to get it.

Hello my babblers!IMG_5710

So today, as I was doing my make up ( I don’t know why because my goal is to watch Netflix all day since it is my day off), I was thinking “I should really blog soon”.

IMG_5692And now we’re here. I have gotten a couple of new products this past week, so I decided to do a look with them and show you guys, as well as where to get them.

First off, my eyebrows are slightly ratchet because I was more focused on testing out a new shadow palette. Also, is it me or does my forehead look huge?


Anyway, first my eyes. I used some demi whisp lashes and Pallido gel liner from Sally’s. Then I used the purple from the Bright palette (on left), also from Sally’s. Let me just say I really love these colours. They are so IMG_5717bright (not punny). They are very pigmented and last. Also ignore my lashes, because I put them on last minute and in a rush, and well, I still have a love/hate relationship with falsies. Some slight contouring was done with my Lorac contour palette (Ulta). IMG_5681

For my lips, I found a new matte lacquer from Walmart that I really like. They are three bucks and some change each. You can’t beat that for a matte lip that actual looks nice. I mixed the grey shade and the purple shade for my lips.

What are some of you guys’ cheap finds? Drop some links to your MOTD posts.




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