Q&A with Beauty Borealis

beautybHello my lovely little cupcakes!

For today’s Q&A, I teamed up with Chloe and Melina from Beauty Borealis! If you haven’t been to their blog, I definitely recommend checking it out. Also, thank you ladies for helping out with this Q&A!

What’s your best advice for covering a pimple?

Chloe: A good concealer that matches your skin tone usually does the trick. For extra coverage, I like to apply a color correcting concealer (the green ones are used to cancel out red areas on your skin). After that, I either apply my usual concealer on top or simply go in with foundation so that everything’s covered up.

Melina: I leave them be because I don’t like the way concealer looks on pimples once it’s been dried up. Just remember to keep dabbing alcohol on your pimple every night.

I have really curly hair and sometimes it is hard to keep moisturized, any products you’d recommend?

Chloe: Running an oil through your hair before going to bed will literally treat it in your sleep! I also tend to swap my conditioner with a hair repairing mask every once in a while.

Melina: I live for deep conditioning and oils. They tame my curls and add shine.

Shawna: I agree with the girls, deep conditioning treatments and oils are your friend. My son has really curly hair (Corbin Bleu hair as everyone says) and oils and balms are amazing.

Is it better to use separate brushed rather than the ones that come with blushes and shadows?

Melina: The ones that come already in the packaging tend to be small and cheap so I prefer to buy my own.

Shawna: I definitely recommend buying your own. If you don’t want to break the bank there are brands like e.l.f. that are inexpensive but still work really well.

I have oily skin, should I still worry about moisturizing?

Chloe: Definitely! I went without moisturizing for a very long time because I have oily skin and found it pointless to add more moisture to that. However, I went for a skin analysis and discovered that my skin was actually dehydrated, causing it to produce oil. I was told how important it is to moisturize, so do it regularly! Even if you have oily skin, there are so many different types of moisturizers that can fit your needs. One that’s great is the Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Oil Free Moisturizer by Formula 10.0.6.

How can I get rid of acne?

Chloe: Talk to your dermatologist and maybe see what they can recommend, because they’ll know what’s best for your skin.

How do you clean your make up brushes?

Chloe: I clean them with soap in the sink.

Melina: I just use dish wash soap. It makes my brushes squeaky clean.

Shawna: I actually It Brushes for Ulta‘s Brush Bath. You don’t have to have any special soaps though, I just really like it. As long as they are getting cleaned, that is what matters. 

Is there a purpose for powder if I’ve already used foundation?

Chloe: Of course! Depending on your skin type, it could be the finishing touch you need. For us girls with oily skin, it helps set your foundation so that it lasts longer. It also makes things smoother and gives you a nice finish.

Melina: Powder will mattify your liquid products and keep everything from melting or moving.

Shawna: It really helps set your make up so that it lasts throughout the day. 

When should I used face creams?

Chloe: I moisturize in the morning when I wake up and I usually use a heavier/thicker moisturizer at night.

Melina: Once or twice a day usually does the trick. 

Should I apply foundation with a brush or a sponge?

Chloe: I personally use a dampened Beauty Blender to apply my foundation because it’s easy to use and blends like a dream, but it all depends on your foundation. One of my matte finish foundations does not blend at all with the BB, and I have an easier time applying it with a brush. So it all depends on the product and personal preference.

Melina: It’s really up to you! Try both and see what works best/what’s easier for you to use.

Shawna: I like to apply my foundation with a brush, as it works best for me and my skin. 

Which do you prefer, false lashes or natural?

Chloe: I prefer natural, but that’s just because I’m terrible at applying false lashes. I barely have any lashes so I try to amplify them with fiber mascaras.

Melina: I love long eyelashes since I always wear heavy makeup but unfortunately lack in this department so I get eyelash extensions.

Shawna: It all depends on the look I am trying to achieve and also my mood for that day. 😛 

LTypes-of-Eyeliners2iquid eyeliner, gel, or pencil?

Chloe: Liquid!! My everyday makeup look consists in having a winged-out sort of cat eye and I find that liquid liner is best for that!

Melina: Gel eyeliner ALL THE WAY.

Shawna: I agree with Meline, I love gel liner. My hand is not steady enough for liquid liner so I find gel more pliable for me. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with.

What is your favorite face mask?

Chloe: I love any type of sheet mask because they’re super easy to apply and remove (and they’re not messy like clay masks are). I’ll usually go for any Korean brand because they’re all pretty good and very affordable, but lately I’ve been using the Tony Moly Aloe sheet masks. I believe you can find them at Sephora!

Shawna: I Really like clay masks for some reason. I just like how my face feels afterward. 

How long does it take you to do your make up?

Chloe: It takes me about half an hour to 45 minutes to get it how I like it. It’s usually pretty basic, but I go to work every day so I take my time to make it look decent because I’m around people all day. If I’m doing more than everyday makeup, I tend to wake up a bit earlier because my makeup always looks better when I take my time and I’m not in a rush.

Melina: Anywhere from 40 minutes to one hour.

Shawna: It really depends on what look I am going for, but I have gotten into a rhythm so I can have a full face on in about 20-30 minutes now.


So, there it is! If you guys stuck around for the whole length of the Q&A, then yay! If not, then you didn’t get this far so, oh well :P. I hoped you guys were able to take something away from the Q&A and I also hope you guys check out Chloe and Melina’s blog! If you have any other questions feel free to drop them below and I will do a mini Q&A in the comments. See you guys soon xx


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