Valentine’s Day look 

You guys! I am so sorry I haven’t posted yet, things have been super busy! I will have the Q&A up soon ( I feel like I’ve been saying that for ages). Until then I thought I would post my Valentines Day make up look!

So my hubby got me some new make up for Valentines, one of which was the In The Night w7 palette and I used NYX matte lipstick in Couture.

I didn’t think to do this post until after the fact, so my close up of my shadow sucks since I wore it all day before I decided “hey, maybe I should do a Valentine’s post”. So the colours are more pigmented then the photo leads. I also used very little and blended it with  a white because I wanted a very slight pink.


Anywho, I will be working on the Q&A post with my guest bloggers, and have that up for you guys tomorrow sometime.

Also I will be doing some w7 swatches soon.

Drop some links for me to you guys’ Valentine’s looks!




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