4 Fabulous life savers


So I remember once, someone asked me if I could only have four beauty products for the rest of my life what would they be. It’s a really tough question, considering how attached I am to all my products. It really made me think, like what things do I use that make me feel at my best? What items could I absolutely do without?

After really thinking and comparing how I feel about certain things, I was able to narrow it down to four things that I would never give up. These four things, are in no particular order, just the ones I would definitely have to keep around, no matter what.

Coconut oil! I am sure that you have already heard the praises of coconut oil. It is an amazing source of moisture, not just for hair, but for your skin as well. For hair, using it with lemon juice and applying to your hair, can do wonders. Leave it on for 45 minutes to an hour then wash it. For skin, it really is amazing on lips. Also it works as a great shaving cream, I really recommend giving it a try. especially if you are prone to razor burn (ick).

Mascara, mascara, mascara! I love mascara. Even if I am not wearing my full make-up, I image2 (2)will swipe on some mascara. It helps me feel like I’m some what put together. It also helps to make your eyes look more awake. With a three year old running around my house, it comes in handy.

Concealer! Concealer is right there with mascara. If I do not have full make-up on I will have this along with mascara. Especially during that time of the month, concealer is a life image1 (7)saver. Every month my face breaks out like nobody’s business. It is a natural thing, but it makes me feel so self conscience, so popping a bit of concealer in those places makes me feel a lot better. Not to mention it helps with any under-eye darkness. Especially the kind that involve living with a three year old 😛

Sugar scrub is also something I would not give up. Right now I am using Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath&BodyWorks and it is amazing. It is one of the best smelling sugar scrubs I have tried so far. Sugar scrub is an amazing exfoliant and helps to maintain a healthy glow while removing dead, dry skin.

What about you guys? What are some products that you could absolutely not go without?




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