Don’t watch horror films with me.

I have learned something valuable recently. Don’t let others watch horror movies with me. If they do, get them to sign a waiver.

To clear things up, I love horror movies. Honestly, I could watch them all the time. At the same time, they scare the life out of me. Most people who honest to god get scared, tend to not watch them. Clearly, I am a lunatic- I have been told enough times, anyway. I guess its a subcategory of adrenaline junkies.

A few days ago my husband told me “I don’t know if I am more afraid of the movie or getting smacked by you”. No, I don’t abuse my  husband. I just don’t do well with jump scares. Like, at all.

Jump scare comes on and my body starts flailing around like I have no sense. With this being said I did smack him in the face. Oops. This also happens to be why I am not allowed to cuddle during horror movies.

Anyone else abuse their family and friends during horror movies? Please tell me I am not alone.


10 thoughts on “Don’t watch horror films with me.

  1. Lol I’m the same way. All my friends love watching horror movies and I’m always dragged along. We were watching either a haunting in Connecticut or sinister or paranormal activity one of those movies and I threw popcorn at the people in front of me by accident bc my friend scares me during a non scary part…

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