e.l.f. favourites


image2Don’t get me wrong, I love my MAC, NYX, and Urban Decay lip colours. However, e.l.f.’s matte lip colours, are my absolute favourite lip products.

First off, I love matte anything. Second, I love e.l.f. anything. So it was clearly meant to be between the two of us. A holy matrimony, if you will.

They are so well pigmented and they go on so smoothly. Not to mention that they come in great neutral and natural colours. I really love the beigey-natural looks, they suit me much better than pinks and reds as I feel they wash me out. image1Though I do own many red and pink shades, they just do not get much use.

From the bottom left – upward: Rich Red, Nearly Nude, Praline, and Natural.

I use Praline and Natural the most. A lot of times I will use them together to create a natural ombre look. They are also great for any look; daytime or nighttime. I am really glad I stumbled across them. To be honest I go on an e.l.f. splurge every other week.

I also recommend trying out the e.l.f. lip exfoliator. Especially when going for a matteElf-Lip-Exfoliator-2.jpg look, you want to exfoliate or you could end up with a flaky, uneven look. Like with body scrubs, this lip exfoliator helps to removed dead and dull skin from the lips, enhancing our lips and moisturizing them. I can say with certainty that your application will look ten times better if you exfoliate regularly.

What are some of your favourite e.l.f. products?



13 thoughts on “e.l.f. favourites

  1. I also love and swear by ELF products! I am currently loving their poreless primer and it is a perfect dupe for so many others that cost over 20$. I also find their blush to be super pigmented as well as the eyeshadow! Now I for sure need to try these Matte Lips!

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