The Duo’s Dozen (Q&A)


Okay guys, time for Q&A with Becky and I! To prevent this from being a horribly lengthy post, I have chosen 6 questions and Becky has chosen 6. Don’t forget to pop over to her blog: FaceOfForbes. Enjoy 🙂

How often should I wash my face?

FaceOfForbes: Every morning and every night! Why? Washing your face not only removes oils and impurities that you’ve developed over night but it freshens you up and makes you feel awake for the day ahead! Definitely wash your face at night to remove any make-up and oils from the day- go to bed with a fresh face that way you won’t develop spots over night.

What is a good foundation?

FaceOfForbes: A good foundation depends on the person really! Generally speaking though, I’d suggest one with an oil-free formula which has an SPF and most importantly, matches your skin tone. If you want to look warmer/cooler use a bronzer or brightening powder.

Babblingbeauty: I agree with Becky, sometimes you go through a lot finding the foundation. You really just have to find one that works for you and your skin. For instance, if you have dry skin you’ll want a liquid foundation or a hydrating powder to give your skin some moisture. If your skin is oily, heed Becky’s advice and use something oil free or a powder.

What is a good eyeshadow primer?

FaceOfForbes: An eye primer should ideally have a light-formula, have little or no colour, be crease-proof and have a healthy formula (ie. Vitamin E based to keep the moisture locked in your lid).

Babblingbeauty: There are a lot of great primers out there, and also some DIY ideas for primers, for instance, check out this post from a fellow blogger DIY Primer. It is such a great idea, and also inexpensive.

How do the colour correcting concealers work?

FaceOfForbes: It’s all about the colours neutralising the opposing colour. Green corrects redness, purple corrects dull/yellow tones, pink/peach correct blue/purple (under-eyes), yellow corrects purples (again, under-eyes), orange is for darker complexions which have discolouration and a normal skin colour is obviously for imperfections.

Do I have to use powder with foundation?

FaceOfForbes: Not always! Depends on how you want the finish of your foundation? I’d recommend a little translucent powder in places prone to shine.

Is there an order I should apply my make up in?

FaceOfForbes: If you’re creating a bold eyeshadow look, do your eyes first. If not, just start with base first.

Babblingbeauty: I agree with Becky. With darker shadows, doing your eyes first is best because you will find that you have a lot of dark dust below your eyes that can be fixed more easily.

Who’s your make-up idol?

Babblingbeauty: Lou Teasedale! I’m sure most of you know her as 1D’s stylist. I love her work and she always looks amazing!

How do I get a long lasting lip look?

Babblingbeauty: Transulucent powder is really good for this. I either use matte lipsticks or lipsticks combined with translucent powder. It really helps to make it last and helps to prevent colour bleeding!

How do I find the perfect perfume?

Babblingbeauty: The perfect perfume depends. A lot of people don’t realize that the way a perfume smells in the bottle doesn’t always match how it smells on a person. A persons natural heat and pheromones can change the way the chemicals in perfume smell. That’s why its important to test the fragrance on your body and not on the sample strips!

Which do you prefer? Wax, pluck or thread your brows?

Babblingbeauty: Personally, I like waxing. It’s so much quicker. I like threading as well, but I am better threading others than I am on myself. If needed I will pluck stray hairs the wax didn’t catch.

Do you remember your first makeup item?

Babblingbeauty: Yes! It was a pack of those fruity roll on glosses! You know, those tacky sticky things, but I was obsessed since.

What do you love about makeup?

Babblingbeauty: The thing I love about make-up is that there is so much you can do with it. You know, people tell me all the time “you don’t need make-up”. It isn’t about that. Make-up is an art, it is a creative outlet and like all outlets there are just so many possibilities of what you can do.


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