Secrets to a self tan.

“Tanning beds scare me. Any tips for self tanning?”

Here in Virginia, the weather finally decided it would act like winter. So a lot of us are hopping into tanning beds and using self tanners. While I do both, I do see your concern and distaste for tanning beds. Skin cancer is a serious thing and I applaud you for holding off on tanning beds. I, myself, have used self tanners over the years. I’ve tried a lot of them and, to be honest, it’s all about how you go about it, as opposed to what brand you use. Personally, I do not have a specific brand that I use, I like trying new things, but I definitely do have some tips that can help you  have a better self tan.

Moisturizing is important before application and after. A lot of the time people end up with a patchy tan because there are dry spots. Prevent this by applying lotion and staying moisturized.

Sugar scrubs. I love sugar scrubs as it is, but when self tanning I found it to be very helpful. It helps exfoliate your skin so that you do not have build up, which in turn gives you a more even application of the self tanner.

img_4777Blending balm! I live by blending balm. We all know the horror of a self tan when we end up with really dark or orange spots around certain areas. About a year or two back I found Xenotan blending balm. You can apply it to those areas before or after your application. I tend to put it on before, and also put it on the palms of my hands. This keeps from getting that orange palm, and also helps to have an even application, knees and all.

Also, if you plan on shaving or waxing, try to do it a day or two before you apply a self tanner. Other than that just remember to exfoliate and moisturize. It’s good to remember that even if you aren’t self tanning.

Remember to send your questions or concerns to I will still be answering!

I’m always looking for new things to try, so leave a comment and tell me some of your favourite self tanners!


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