The more you know.

Okay, so what I have decided to do with the questions sent in from the last post, is to make individual posts to answer each question. I decided this was best because I feel that some of the questions would be more beneficial if they could be answered more thoroughly. With that said, I didn’t want to have this crazy long blog post that you guys may get bored with reading half way through if I were to try to answer all the questions in one uber lengthy post.

How long does mascara last? I have noticed that mine has gotten clumpy and it has only been a few months since I purchased it.”

This question pushed me to help inform those who may not already know, the shelf lives of their various make ups. Each make up is composed differently, which means that different cosmetics have different shelf lives.

Knowing a product’s shelf life does not only prevent you from using a product that’s quality has dimmed but it also protects you and your skin as a product after its time-frame has the potential to cause various skin problems.

Mascara/Liquid eyeliner can typically last up to two or three months. With all the pumping of the wands for these two, we add a lot of air into the tubes, which dry out the liquids inside. If you notice flaking, then its time to go.

Pencils, whether lip liners or eyeliners, can last up to two years. If you notice it doesn’t work like it should, time to restock.

Powders (eyeshadows, blushes, setting powders) up to two years. After this mark they can become hard and chalky and the pigments will fade.

Concealers/lipsticks up to a year. Between the oils and application on direct skin these two can go bad after a while and gather a lot of bacteria.

Brushes and sponges have no real shelf life. Once a sponge begins to smell or fall apart or a brush smells or breaks, consider it time to purchase some new ones. Sponges are more on the cheaper side, money wise, which makes it easier to restock. As for brushes, make sure you are cleaning them to ensure they last longer.

Be sure to take care of your products, this allows for you to get the best use out of them without having to restock too often. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below or send me an email at

See you guys soon!




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