Drowning in expectations.

You know what word stresses me the most? Expectations.

It baffles me. As soon as we begin high school, everyone has these expectations. Not for themselves, but for us. I remember sophomore year of high school, that’s when teachers and parents start pushing us to figure out our plans after high school. What college we want to go to, what courses we want to take, and who we want to be.

That’s stressful as hell. Not even out of high school, not even been out in the world yet, and we are expected to figure out what we want our whole lives to be. Personally, I believe the key to figuring out what you want your life to be is experience. Experiences change the way we think and act. Straight from high school, with no real world experience, how are we supposed to just know what to do with our lives?

Instead of expectations, we should just be and become. It is hard to pave a path for yourself without the knowledge of who you are as an adult. Now don’t get me wrong, some people know what they want and who they want to be. However, there are so many who do not. Take the time to know yourself, don’t let someone pressure you into rushing your life.


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