Ranting and raving.

Today I just kind of want to rant about a conversation I had the misfortune of overhearing today.

It was a woman and a friend of hers. They were discussing her daughter, who is a lesbian. What shocked me, was how this mother spoke about her daughter. As if she were this disgusting abomination.

As a mother, myself, I cannot fathom talking about my child the way this woman talked about hers. When I think about it, I realize this happens more often then it should.

I have a beautiful three year old boy, whom I love dearly and unconditionally. I think some parents forget what unconditional is. As for me, I see absolutely nothing wrong with someone loving whomever.

I also understand the concept that my three year old is who he is. He is not just going to wake up one day and decide “oh I like boys” or “I like girls”. Some people see sexuality as a choice, but in reality, it’s just something we are. On behalf of parents, I apologize for those parents who do not see this.

We are who we are and when a child voices their sexuality, that should not change them in your eyes. That 17 year old that just voiced their sexuality is still that newborn you vowed to love unconditionally. This goes for others in their lives who are not their parents. Their sexuality does not change them. They are still that person.

To anyone out there who may not have anyone standing by you, I am. You’re wonderful, and you being you, does not make you any less wonderful. Be you and stay strong.

If you need to rant, like me, or just need to have someone who understands and will be there for you, feel free to contact me at shawnadawnx@gmail.com

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