Your face overnight.

Okay, so here is my problem. My skin is crazy. Some days it can be too dry then other days it can get super oily. If you face is like this, then maybe this will help you out. Or at the very least put you on the right track towards a combination that fits you.

I’ve tried a few different things and finally have an overnight combination that has consistently worked on my skin.

For my face I love Beyond Belief Replenish facial moisturizer and eye cream. There are a few different types of these two products from this line, but I am currently using the lift and firm.

The eye cream is amazing and prevents that typical morning puffiness and dark areas under the eyes while the moisturizer hydrates without producing that oily sheen in the morning.

My all time favorite overnight product is My Favorite Night Balm. You can find this at Bath & Body Works. It’s truly amazing. My lips dry out very quickly so I have to constantly have something on them. With this, a little goes a long way and it stays on ALL night to rehydrate and moisturize your lips. It’s a bit thick and tacky, but in a good way. I wake up every morning with it still on and with my lips feeling hydrated.

Give these a try guys! I promise they are worth it. If you have tried any, let me know how they worked for you! I’m always down for trying new products so let me know anything you guys recommend.

You can also contact me and send me ideas of what you would like to see coming up on the blog :

See you guys soon!




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