Basic visual.


So I was asked to give a visual of one of my basic days with my “necessary” make up items.

Today was one of those days; though I did manage to do my hair and ditch  my I-don’image1t-care bun. Just a quick picture I uploaded to Instagram, nothing special, but my basics help me look put together. Now, my eyebrows are a bit of a different story and just weren’t a priority this morning, but I digress.

Consider this part of a meet the author selfie.

Refresher; my basics were:

1 Maybelline Fit-Me Matte + Poreless foundation. It has great coverage- so most days concealer isn’t necessary.

2 White eyeliner to help make your eyes look slightly bigger; more alert (if you’re like me and don’t do mornings).

3 Translucent setting powder. I use Fit Me Matte + Poreless pressed powder.

4 and the holy grail : mascara. I tend to try new ones all the time. Right now it’s Too Faced’s Better than Sex.

5 Chapstick/ lip balm. Whatever you wish. I love EOS, and one of the dozens I own is my go-to.



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