13 going on 30.

Looking at the current generation of teens, I see too much. They dress, talk, and act way older than they need to. I’ve seen 14 year olds contouring. No. You wear your purple eyeshadow and patchy foundation work. Do your time. It’s tradition. Why are we in such a rush to grow up?

To be thrown into the wild without actually being prepared for it. I’m friends with some younger people and I can talk to them like they are my age. Not that I am old, I’m only 24. I still have a lot of fucking up to do.

Noticing the things this generation does, it makes me think back. Then it hits me: I was that teen trying so hard to grow up. But why? Why was the adult life so much more exciting than my teen years?

To be honest, at 24, I wish I would have stayed being a teen a little while longer. Maybe I was too busy trying to grow up that I missed all the preparation for my adult life. Because if we are being honest, I’d have to say I am going at adulthood blinded and unprepared.

Bills, responsibilities, heartbreaks.

Why did we rush ourselves to get here?


3 thoughts on “13 going on 30.

  1. I love this post… so agree! I feel like I did my time plus some. The only fun part about being an adult is doing what you want then bam the consequences hit you! You want to eat like crap you do then bam your fat. You want to stay up all night sure up for work at 6am.. don’t rush it it’s not all fun and gamea!!

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