Stuck between a rock and a narcissist.

You know what really, and I mean really drives me absolutely crazy? People who act like they know everything. These people think they are God’s gift to Earth.

Yes, I am talking about that person. You probably have a person like that in your life. If you’re like me, you probably have a couple, and you’re wondering why you haven’t set their hair on fire by now.

No one has quite driven me crazy like this one person. Well call him M. M was about as dumb as a door nail, yet, he thought he was a Greek God and thought he knew any and everything. I have never known someone with such a narcissistic personality. He had to be right, even if he was completely wrong. With confidence he repeatedly tried to tell me this and that. This and that being completely false. With M I found myself in some of the most stupid and pointless arguments of my life.

However, along with M, there are people who instead of wanting to feel they are right, want to just argue. I found this person as well. Some kind of accomplishment on my part, I’m sure. This person literally argued over any and everything. To prove this point, I tried to discuss cheese with him. Have you ever been in an arguement involving cheese? It had to be the lowest point of my life.

What is going on in someone’s life to honestly anger them so much that they could argue over something as minimal as cheese? Now I understand everyone is going through their own things and own problems. But what does this do for you? What does this help a person like this accomplish?


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