Back to the basics.

Two posts in one day? 😱

I aim to please. Or aim to fill some time while on my break at work.

Anyway. I want to say that while I may touch some legit topics that you care about, I may not always. I love make up. I’m a make up artist. It’s what we do.

With that said I want to post in relation to that. What a great way to begin that with my basic favourites.

Basic implies that some days I’m lazy and just don’t go all out with my make up. These are also typically the days I tend to throw my hair in an I-didn’t-even-try bun. But there are a few things that I have to wear on those days to avoid feeling like a complete troll.

1. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless. This stuff saves my life. The coverage is awesome and some days I will brush some on and call it a day. It’s that great.

2. White eyeliner. For the days where I’ve just rolled out of bed and look like a tired troll. A little on the lower lid and ta-da you actually look awake!

3. Translucent setting powder. Just to keep things from creasing.

4. Mascara. The holy grail of basic make up needs. It makes me feel somewhat put together and also keeps me from looking like I’ve gotten 45 minutes of sleep.

5. And finally Chapstick. Just because I have a healthy obsession and I am always putting it on.

If you’ve just pulled an all nighter studying or if you spent your night knee deep in tequila shots, then these can at least help you look like  you’re in control of your life.


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