A perfect illusion.

Why are we trying so hard to impress others?


This question reminds me of so many things that are pounded into our brains. First impressions are important or just be yourself. It is hard to just be ourselves if there is such an emphasis on the importance of first impressions. I mean, sure, first impressions are important, but we do not media-spoonfeeding-cartoonreally get to fully understand a person just based on first impressions. Not to mention the fact of how unlike themselves a person is being in order to make said first impressions a good one.


Even after that first impression, whether good or bad, being our self is still just not good enough. Even though we tried to put our best foot forward to impress someone on the first interaction, we try to keep up that appearance. We refrain from truly being who we are in order to impress everyone besides our self. Over the years I have learned that any and every decision you make, to be who you are, will be scrutinized and picked apart. Any and everyone can and will express their worries and opinions about your life and your every move.


Having a focus on school or a job, people feel the need to say that we will never have a social life or a family or that we will end up alone and unhappy. Even if that focus on your job or school work actually makes us happy. However, on the reverse, if we focus on a social life or a partnership, then we need to get our lives together because we have no path for ourselves.


We try so hard to be perfect, but between double standards and all the judgmental people in the world, we will never be “good enough”. Our environment and our culture tell us that we need to be accepted and that we need to be validated by those around us. The way the media works today, we allow people we do not even know to dictate what we say, do, and wear. We even let them tell us what to think. Why do we let others dictate the choices we make in our lives, when these choices have absolutely no impact on those people? Instead of wearing ourselves thin trying to impress someone who ultimately doesn’t matter, we should be spending our time impressing ourselves. I would much rather make myself proud then waste all my time and energy trying to appease someone else.


If you aren’t living your life for you, who are you living for? Are you really living?

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