Mini Colourpop Haul (+swatches)



ultramattelipWait, I got ahead of myself, first thing first; hi. I feel like I have been posting about palettes too much, so I bought some lippies into the mix!

If you don’t already know, I am a huge Colourpop fan. The lipsticks and highlighters are my absolute favourites things from Colourpop. ALSO; if you plan on making any purchases, I suggest you get them in today before the free domestic shipping ends.

With the change of seasons, Colourpop has released some new fall shades, that are just amazing. My favourite fall colour so far is ‘Times Square’. If I had to pick a colour to represent fall, that would be it. My second favourite is ‘Trap’. These lippes are pigmented and apply with no patches.

I do have more lippies that I forgot to dig out, but decided to just do some swatches with my recent ones.

Now I do know that a lot of people hate that these lippies are drying and to be honest, I agree. They can be drying, but that goes for any matte lippie. So be sure to moisturize before application. Just like you moisturize your face before make up application, you should do the same before you apply a lipstick.highlighter

Lippies aside, some pretty amazing highlighters come from Colourpop. At the moment, I only have a couple of highlighters, and ‘Stole the Show’ is my favourite. These highlighters are super pigmented and very smooth. They also blend well.

What are some of your favourite fall make up products? Favourite Colourpop products?

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Master Palette by Mario


Hello lovelies, hope you all are having a great week!

So, I have been waiting around on the UPS truck, and it has arrived and I am SO excited. I literally opened the box and started swatching just for you guys  (okay, maybe it was for me too). If you didn’t read the title and have no idea what I am talking about, I am talking about the Master Palette by Mario from ABH. When I first heard about this palette I was super excited and could not wait for it to be released. img_0363

The shades vary and gives you a lot of options in looks. There are 12 shades that are a mix of mattes and metallics. They consist of a lot of neutrals and jewel-tones. The jewel-tones are actually the main reason I wanted this palette. I just thought they looked so amazing.

Like other Anastasia palettes, this palette is extremely pigmented and the shades are smooth and buttery.

This is kind of a short and sweet post, because I know how you guys feel about swatches and I wanted to share them with you. Over the weekend I will be doing some looks with the palette and post those for you guys!

Also, if you haven’t checked out my Instagram, I have been posting mini  reviews there. Recently I posted about the “Chill in the Six” palette by Cargo Cosmetics, and will be posting the swatches here soon.

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Also if you guys have done any looks with the Master Palette already, send me some links to your looks, I’d love to see what you’ve created!

Talk to you all soon xx

Make Up For Ever: Ultra HD

Hello my little ladybugs! mufelay

I intended to post yesterday, but I have been sick this week. To be honest, I am not feeling that great today either, but I wanted to get some content out for you guys.

Also, I am going to start posting twice a week very soon.

To those of you who have had a hard time finding THE foundation. Make Up For Ever may be a good place to start. Not only do they have liquid foundation, but they also have stick foundation.

mufeswatcgMy favourite thing about Make Up For Ever is that they have such a wide range of shades to choose from.

It kind of makes it hard to not find a match.

The liquid foundation is wonderful. It is super thin in consistency, but will also give you great coverage. Since it is a thin product, it really helps you get a smooth and even finish.

It is one of the more natural looking and more comfortable foundations I have tried. It also works well with SO many different skin types, which is a plus.

The foundation stick is equally amazing. This stick has a thicker consistency, but still blends in nicely and is comfortable. Faceeee.jpg

Darker shades also work really well as a contour stick. Also I know a lot of stick products I have found are harder to blend but this foundation stick is SUPER blendable.

Me, personally, I think these are going to be my go to fall/winter products.

What are your favourite fall/winter foundations/products? Let me know below.

The products in this post were sent to me by Influenster and Make Up For Ever (also thank you so much to them!).



the world sucks.

hello! it’s me, your friendly neighborhood bullshit detector. here to call bullshit.
let me tell you why.
these past few days, no not even that, these past few years (my whole life if we are being honest), the internet has pissed me off. the world we live in is stupid. in denial, and sheltered. too many people in the world spend their time in the bubble of denial and oblivion. you can’t see what is in front of us.
I have seen so many, TOO MANY, people talking about how they do not condone violence against law enforcement. let me be clear, I do not condone violence either. HOWEVER, some of these same people go on to say, that if people would RESPECT the law, and DO as they are told, then things will run smoothly. they also go on to talk about how white privilege is not real.
but pause.
i am here to say white privilege is real.
let’s not stay sheltered. let’s stop being in denial.
if i were to be reading a book in my car, wearing a hoodie at night, or asking for help BY MY BROKEN DOWN CAR, would I still be alive? sadly, most likely.
stop living in your world of lollipops with your head up a unicorns ass and understand that your FELLOW HUMANS are dying because they don’t have this “white privilege”. they are dying because of MELANIN. they are dying because law enforcement is AFRAID of the black man.
if so many law enforcement are scared to do their job, they need to be working minimum wage at mcdonalds and not getting PAID LEAVE after they KILL someone.
if this doesn’t bother you, no, if this doesn’t SCARE you, then you need to figure out why you are so desensitized to the death of the people around you. if your heart doesn’t ache, or your stomach doesn’t drop when you hear these things, figure out why.
maybe it’s that white privilege you don’t think you have.
regardless, people are dying for no apparent reason, other than the colour of their skin. people are dying. these people are someone’s father. someone’s mother, daughter, son, etc. and the only way to do something about it is to stand with them. to stand up FOR them. at the end of the day, we bleed. we all bleed. even if you don’t know what to do, just stand up. speak up.
be aware and make others aware. don’t ignore what is going on in the world because your ignorance and denial is not helping anyone.
by telling someone not to be angry of these events, you are saying that the value of their lives are as important. by telling someone all lives matter after they talk about black lives matter you are telling them that their lives aren’t important. yes all lives do matter, but not ALL lives are being impacted by the events going on in the world.
maybe because of my white privilege my opinion doesn’t matter to anyone.
but black lives do matter and I would rather speak up than be silent.

Lorac Pro 3, swatches + a giveaway!?


The Rise of the Broken sweatshirt available for purchase: TROTB Merch

Hello my loves, it has only been yet another week, and I feel like it’s been forever. Contemplating posting twice a week soon, so we will see how that works out. I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and I hope you got a chance to spend time with your loved ones, and remember any that you may be without.


So this morning I realized that I have hit over 800 followers! I think that’s so amazing. If you guys remember, after the last giveaway, I mentioned how we would have another at 1,000 or 1,500. Well I decided 1,000 would be a great idea. So make sure to tell your friends about the blog, share my posts on Twitter, etc. The faster we get to 1,000 the faster you can enter for another giveaway! Again this giveaway will be international, so please please, share.

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Also because I had some questions about a new sweatshirt. TROTB is an alt/rock solo lorac3project that I have been really into lately. Music is also available on iTunes, if you would like to check it out. I love sharing my music tastes with you guys and learning new music from you as well. Share some of your favourite bands/songs with me in the comments or through social media. Link to sweatshirt is underneath photo.

Now to what you really came for, swatching and new palettes! If you follow me on Instagram you probably have been anticipating these.

eyesFirst off let me tell you how amazing this palette is. It is so pigmented, and SO smooth. Honestly, this palette is competing with my Modern Renaissance palette with how smooth and buttery these shadows are. I will say, I do have one problem with this palette and that’s with the shade ‘Medallion’. Don’t get me wrong its a lovely colour, but it is a glitter infused type of colour and the fall out is horrible. So I recommend being cautious with that particular colour, especially if you apply your foundation before you apply your shadow.

Also, I wanted to go ahead and answer a question someone sent to me; which was when should you apply your foundation. It’s ultimately up to you. There are so many ways to do make up and there is no right or wrong way. Me, personally I have a habit of applying my foundation first, however, if you are working with darker shadows, I recommend applying it after so you can avoid the fall out mess. ssss

You may notice the double swatching. I enlisted my husbands help for this post. I just feel it would be more beneficial if I could show you guys swatches on two different skin tones. I always loved seeing this on Colourpops website, because you can get a better sense of the shades. Obviously I am the pasty ghost on top and my husbands is below. As you  awatchcan see, the colours show up very nice on both tones. It really shows just how pigmented this palette is, which is such a great quality.

I honestly think this is such a nice Fall palette. Very neutrally and nudeish. You can create some natural looks as well as a nice smokey eye. This goes right there with Modern Renaissance. I have SO many palettes but this and Modern Renaissance are my two must-haves. If you are going to spend money on anything, make it worth it and get one of these.

What are some of your favourite products you guys like to use during Fall?

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Talk to you all soon xx



Survivor Eyes

sebrHello all, it feels like its been ages since I’ve blogged! Even though I just posted my weekly blog last week. I hope you are all doing well. The weather is finally cooling down here in Virginia, and I couldn’t be more excited for hoodies and boots!

I recently had the opportunity to try a great product called SurvivorEyes (website here). SurvivorEyes was introduced at the most recent Cosmoprof Beauty Show in Las Vegas where it created lots of excitement.


This product is to encourage and empower its sepackusers. Alopecia and cancer causes hair loss in many people and those people worry about how that will make them look and that insecurity can create self esteem issues. I think that sometimes everyone just wants to feel good about themselves. SurvivorEyes is a product that can do just that. The product was actually created by a cancer survivor, Lisa, which adds to the sincerity of this product. As a cancer survivor, I think it is wonderful what she has done. Giving empowerment to someone is one of the best things we can give a person no matter the situation.

The kits come with two shades and a setting wax, brushes, and stencils. There are three shades to ensure that you pick a kit to match the tone you want. There are various stencils to match the shape to your face. For those who like to use their own products you can just purchase the stencils and brush. The brush, by the way is wonderful. It is super soft and blend product really well and the stencils each have a positive word scrawled across it. sewor

SurvivorEyes really is such a great product. What makes it even better is that a percentage of the profit goes toward causes important to the customers. Not only is this a great product for someone who needs a little encouragement, but it gives back to others.

The products will soon be available to patients at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL. As well as the “Marketplace” sponsored by the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.


Used ABH dipbrow with the SurvivorEyes brush and stencils.

There is also a “Brows for Bros” in the works for men. So keep an eye out for that and spread the word.


If you have any questions about the product that I did not mention, feel free to drop your questions below.

Note: If you are in the Vegas area, this Sunday SurvivorEyes will be taken to the INPEX Entrepreneur/ Inventor competition!

I will talk to you all soon, and I hope you all check out this product and its purpose. Also a special thank you to Lisa for letting me try this product and sharing it with me. It takes a wonderful person to do wonderful things.



Trip photos!

babbeb.jpgHello my little beauties!

Today I just wanted to share my recent trip to Richmond, VA to the Virginia State Capitol. I am trying my best to keep my blog well-rounded, as I initially intended. I just get sucked into more beauty posts than anything, lol.

With this post, I just want to remind everyone to make it a point to spend some quality time with their families. While I did take a few photos, I tucked my phone away in order to get in that time. Life is so much bigger than our cell phone screens. Sometimes we miss amazing moments because we are more worried about composing our next tweet.buildin

There is so much negativity in the world, and unfortunately we can’t fix the whole world. However, we can enjoy the positive moments in our lives. When we feel down, or feelbricks that the world is a horrible place, we can mentally pull up those memories and think of what good there is.

Our little family trip was unplanned and not outrageous. Just something spur of the moment and simple, yet it will now be a great memory, because for a moment the woes of the world were put aside for another time.

I think these moments are especially important when you have a young child, such as myself. If you aren’t paying attention to these moments, one day they’ll just be gone and you’ll be wondering how you missed it all. This goes for friends and family, pay attention, or the next thing you know, the best times of your life are behind you and you can’t remember because you were too busy behind the screen of your phone.

Live a little.

whitebuildingWith that aside, this trip was beautiful. And hot. Very hot, oh my gosh. We had fun though, it was somewhere different we got to explore and see as a family. Something new for us all. I think that is the best thing, experiencing something new with those you love. Experiences are nothing without someone to share them with.

This post was supposed to outline our little trip, but took another turn. I think it was something we all need to hear sometimes. With so much technology, sometimes we just need to be foundationreminded to live in the now.

Don’t forget that.

What are some of your favourite places to visit?

I hope you enjoyed my little tirade and photos, and I will talk to you all next week!